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Why Us?

We provide goalkeeper and summer camps  to individuals, teams, and clubs across Long Island.  Our directors have over 25 years of goalkeeper and team training sat the travel, high school, and collegiate levels.  All LIGKT trainers are licensed and insured coaches.  Our knowledge, experience, and passion for the position are what make us the best.  


What we offer and what makes us different…….

Video and still photo sessions to enhance learning 

Game analysis and break down

Clinics and summer camps for all of your players

Educational clinics for your clubs’ coaching staff

We can start a new contract or will work with your current  contracted trainers that do not have goalkeeper certified staff

We have trained  thousands soccer players from around the world

Flexible pricing that  is determined WITH the client

We train keepers U-8 and up

 Licensed and Tenured NYS certified teachers…




What we teach and what all successful goalkeepers need to know…..

Footwork, Footwork, FOOTWORK!

We teach the goalkeeper position from the ground up.  We develop lightning quick feet in our goalkeepers so they can make that game changing save that everyone will be talking about the next day!

Other goalkeeping skills that are taught include:

-catching, parrying, and boxing

-collapse dives, extension dives, front smother saves, rotation dives

-distribution: goal kicks, punts, and throws

-proper GK positioning in the box

-how to stop breakaways and penalty kicks

-cutting off crosses and setting up free kicks

-effective methods of communicating with and organizing defenses